Hand Sanitization and Hygiene, Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Soap and Sanitizer both have their own benefits and utility. Automatic hand Sanitizers can help maintain hygiene and cleanliness in offices, factories and houses to fight against any pandemic

Germs are everywhere! They can get onto our hands and items we touch during daily activities and can cause sickness. Cleaning hands at key times with water and/or soap, and hand sanitization becomes critical to avoid getting sick and spreading germs/viruses to those around us.  There are certain differences between washing hands with water & … Read more

Modern Home Appliances, Whether a Luxury OR a Necessity for Urban Living?

Smart Home appliances have become a necessity for urban homes

In this article, you can review and appreciate the subtle change that has taken place in public lifestyle esp. in urban areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously considered luxuries like technology gadgets and Modern home appliances expressing an urban living & lifestyle are now becoming necessities and offering great value to the users in critical … Read more