Must-Have Technologies for Successful Work From Home Setup!

basic infrastructure and technology to make work-from-home team clooaboration successful

Several organizations globally transitioned their employees from the office to a Work from Home model during the Coronavirus pandemic. The organizations realized the importance of technology and what role can technology play in allowing employees to work from home and maintain/improve productivity levels. Work-From-Home (WFH) Work-from-Home can be described as the work being done remotely, instead of at … Read more

Effective Voice Collaboration, How to Evaluate and Select a Headset?

Features and functional benefits of a professional headset for excellent quality voice collaboration

As we understand that making the virtual experience during any call (Voice or video) to be as close to the real in-person experience as possible, the efficiency and effectiveness of both the video collaboration and the Voice collaboration become very important. From the perspective of voice collaboration and communication, it is very important that the … Read more

A Quick Guide to Evaluate and Select the Best Webcam!

Guide to evaluation and selection a professional webcam

The capability to virtually communicate and collaborate instantly with colleagues, partners, and customers regardless of location is a critical need in today’s business world. Unified communications, personal video collaboration, and team video conferencing are replacing face-to-face meetings, thereby reducing the need for business travel. Since collaboration is instantaneous, businesses and individuals are realizing real improvements … Read more