Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote, An Essential Device for Smart Homes!

Home Appliances offer very good Utility and day-to-day conveniences to the users. Generally, though the appliances work fine and you may receive the desired functionality in a regular course also, but, sometimes you may feel frustrated with respect to their operations and controls.

Consider a case of your house, wherein, you may have many home appliances like Television, Air conditioner, Music system, etc., which are operated with their separate Infrared based remotes/control devices.

While watching TV in your room, you use the IR remote of your TV or Set-top-box to adjust the display settings on the TV or toggle between channels on your DishTV.  Your spouse might use the separate AC remote to change the room temperature or set a timer on the AC. The kids in the family would be fighting for the remote of your music system to play the music of their choice. In fact these days even coolers and fans are available in the market which come with their separate IR remotes.

Truly speaking, you may also realize the inconvenience caused, at times, to manage these different remotes. In one case you are not able to locate the remote of the TV, in another one you find the dry cells in AC remote are dead. You must also be spending money and purchasing one or another remote regularly due to breakages; Occasionally, you might have faced situations when you forgot to switch off the TV or AC before leaving the home and wished to be able to control them from your current location then.

To manage the above situations efficiently, you can use Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote, which is smart, simple, and inexpensive, yet, is able to add very good value to your day-to-day lives and lifestyles. You can consider Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote to gain a very Basic yet valuable Smart Home experience.

Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote (IR Blaster)

Smart Wi-Fi Universal remote is a Wi-Fi-enabled Infrared Device used to control multiple electronic consumer appliances through SmartPhone using mobile Apps or through voice commands to Voice Assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

These consumer durable items are the appliances that generally operate through their traditional IR Remotes such as Television, Air Conditioner, Set-top box, Speakers/Music System, Air Coolers, and Fans. 

Smart Remote controls AC, Cooler, Music System, DishTV etc...

Installation and Setup of Universal Remote

Installation and Set-up of Smart Remote is a simple task and you can learn the process through the product instruction sheet, which comes along with the product. You can also seek assistance from the seller/OEM or you can refer to information and videos on the e-commerce portal or OEM’s website or YouTube.

Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote functions in conjunction with a mobile app which you can download from the Google play store and install on your smartphone. Before the device is ready for use, you have to configure all the legacy remotes within the app. A number of IR remotes are pre-included in the mobile app and you have to select and configure each of your remotes one by one at the time of initial setup.

Multiple appliances, having the same category, brand, and model, can also be controlled using the same Smart remote by giving them different names in the app during initial setup. Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote requires a Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) connection to be a part of the network and be able to take commands from mobile or voice assistants. It also requires a constant power source (5V DC), which you can provide through a power adapter, generally supplied with the product.

After configuration and setup of the Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote, this single device will replace all your physical remotes to operate your home appliances through your smartphone or voice commands.

Functioning of Smart Wi-Fi Remote

The Universal Remote releases a blast of Infrared rays in all directions in the room to execute the command from the user. The appliances to be controlled should be there within the same room. Also, the Remote should be kept at such a location in the room that the IR rays can directly reach all appliances’ IR receivers.

If you wish to use a single Smart universal remote to operate appliances in different rooms, then you have to carry it physically in the same room where the appliance is placed. You can use a suitable power bank to meet the power requirement of the remote.

Universal Remote : Zemote Brand

Zemote is a leading manufacturer of IoT-based Home Automation Products in India.  Zemote manufacturers and market Universal Remote and many other home automation products including Modular smart switches, automation modules for Light-Fan-Curtain, Smart door locks, and sensors like Smoke sensors, Temperature sensors, and Motion Detection sensors, etc… The company is offering four models of Zemote Smart Universal Remote.

Different models have different applications depending upon their installation at an individual house or at any large hotel. You may select an appropriate model and buy as per your application need.

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