Smart Watch, Best Selling Gadget for Style and Health Monitoring!

Smart Watch, in the regular course, is one of the best gadgets for health monitoring and style. They make the users look Smart on one hand and on the other monitor and alert the users on vital health statistics. As you know that health has become a focal point of concern for everyone after the spread of the Corona Virus Pandemic in later 2019 or early 2020.

The article “Lifestyle Diseases: An Economic Burden on the Health Services” by author Fatma Al-Maskari, published on the United Nations website, also points out that, Lifestyle diseases share risk factors similar to prolonged exposure to three modifiable lifestyle behaviors – smoking, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity, and result in the development of chronic diseases, specifically heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and some types of cancer.

Most recently, we all witnessed a new challenge in terms of the Noval Corona Virus, which has literally challenged our basic health, fitness, and lifestyle. Basically, the pandemic changed our perception and attitude toward our health and safety. The COVID-19 pandemic occurred on a global scale. Countries across the globe, whether developed, developing, or undeveloped; nations with high economic strength or efficient & modern health systems were found to be struggling during the pandemic. The pandemic caused more than 3.5 Million life casualties globally including more than 0.3 Million casualties alone in India in the years 2020 & 2021.

Scientists, Researchers, Doctors, and associated fraternities, studied the virus and the responses of the human body against virus attack (through original immunity or through vaccination). They eventually, agreed with one major fact people with better health/higher internal immunity were able to fight better against Coronavirus. And the major victims were the people who were weak in health irrespective of age, sex, and other demographics.

Steps Towards Health and Fitness

Since occurrences of such pandemics in the future cannot be overruled, it has become extremely vital to keep ourselves healthy and fit with better immunity. So that we are always ready against such possible virus attacks in the future. Though more research is necessary, however, it’s believed that quality exercise and activity, nutrition, emotional and psychological well-being, and healthy lifestyle choices can benefit our health and fitness.

While we grow gradually, our habits towards a better lifestyle and hence better overall health change.  Hence, it would be very critical for us to have a regular assessment of our health and fitness so that we can optimize our lifestyle. In this regard, we should attempt to regularly monitor health and fitness and take preemptive steps to avoid any major issues, as far as possible. Here, the monitoring of health can be referred to as keeping a regular eye on our health vitals. Like blood oxygen level (SPO2), heart rate, Blood pressure, sleep quality, etc.; apart from management of our other fitness-related activities like exercise, walking, calorie burnt, etc…

Visiting a clinic frequently or using special medical equipment at home to get accurate health statistics may not be feasible for the general public. Moreover, obtaining a certain close estimate of our health vitals should be sufficient to optimize health monitoring in a regular course. In this context, Smart Watches and Fitness Bands have offered a workable solution to manage health, fitness, safety, and contact. These gadgets can help patients identify early warning signs by measuring their health parameters, monitoring them regularly, and notifying any variation instantaneously.

Smart Watches and Fitness Bands

Smart Watch and Fitness bands are Internet of Things enabled smart gadgets. Designed and manufactured to perform many smart activities including health monitoring. Historically, these two products were quite different. A fitness tracker was a band with sensors that relayed data to the smartphone. While a smartwatch with a screen was a wrist-bound device that allowed users to check texts, emails, and even social media. It acted essentially as an extension of the smartphone.

Over the last few years, the two devices have converged a lot. Fitness trackers became more complicated, adopting screens and even the ability to show smartphone notifications, while smartwatches leaned into the fitness side of things. But still, the number of features in the gadgets differentiates both; Smartwatch has almost all the features in the fitness band and a few more.

India Wearable Market Statistics

  • As per the recent data from the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Worldwide Wearable-Devices Quarterly Tracker:

    India’s wearables market, which includes both wristables and hearables, grew 170% year-on-year (YoY) in Q1 2021 with a shipment of 11.4 million units
  • The wristwear/wristable category rose 75% YoY in Q1 2021, wherein Watches grew 450% with a shipment of totaled 1.4 million watches in Q1 2021

Some of the leading Smartwatch and Fitness-band Brands globally and in India are Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Fitbit, Garmin, Boat, Noise, Zebronics, etc..

Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 7 attract premium user segments of the market globally. Brands like Xiaomi, Boat, Noise and Zebronics serve the cost-conscious segments of the market by offering a good overall value proposition.

Evaluation of Smart Watches

In the event, you are a prospective customer for a smartwatch and eagerly evaluating one for you. It will really be a challenge for you to search, evaluate and finalize one smartwatch for you amongst a huge list of available options.

As different Brands offer different models with different sets of features targeting different dominant needs of their target customers. You need to understand your segment first and then segregate the smartwatch models designed for your user segment. Henceforth before spending money on a particular model of a particular brand you would like to define your needs. And learn about the major features, functions & emotional benefits of each Smart Watch model.

Based on the initial review and evaluation of the information (Awareness Stage) you would be able to filter in a few models (and a few filter out) for your further comparison. Detailed evaluation and analysis (Consideration Stage) of these models will help you to finalize the appropriate smartwatch model providing the best value to you (Decision Stage). Hence, in such a manner you can select the best option for you, based on price and budget analysis while making an absolutely informed purchase decision.

Buying cycle of customers includes Need Recognition, Information Search, Alternative Evaluation, Purchase, and Post Purchase Evaluation/Behavior

While evaluating, you must understand the value of the Features, Functional Benefits, and Emotional Benefits that you intend to receive from the Smart Watch. Generally, Emotional Benefits are considered to give maximum value followed by Functional benefits and Features respectively.

In this context, you can refer to the following comprehensive set of features, which are the representative features of Smart Watches.

Features: Smart Watch

Parameter  Description
Material  – Aluminium
– Stainless Steel
– Titanium
– Ceramic and sapphire crystal (back side)
Display– Case size: 44 mm, Pixels: 368×448 pixels, Display Area: 977 mm² OR 40 mm case, 324×394
pixels, 759 mm² display area
– Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display (1,000 nits brightness). The display never sleeps, so
you can always see the time and other important information
Processor/Chip  – 64-bit dual-core processor
– Wireless chip
– Ultra Wideband ( eg. U1 chip)
Connectivity  – LTE and UMTS
– Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz
– Bluetooth 5.0
Capacity  – 32GB
– 8 GB
  Power– Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (Up to 18 hours)
– Magnetic charging cable
Sound– Speaker (IInd Generation)
– Microphone (IInd Generation)
Technology  – Cellular Connectivity
– Compass
– Always-on altimeter
– Water-resistant to 50 meters
– Ambient light sensor
– GymKit
Health and Wellness– Blood oxygen sensor (Blood Oxygen app)
– Electrical heart sensor (ECG app)
– Third-generation optical heart sensor for Irregular heart rhythm notification and High and low heart rate notifications
Safety and Emergency– International emergency calling
– Emergency SOS
– Accelerometer (up to 32 G-forces with fall detection)
– Gyroscope
– Noise monitoring App
Price– MRP
– Offer Price

Different models of Smartwatches from different manufacturers may have a different set of the above features corresponding to their target customer segments. You can evaluate different models as per the number of features and corresponding prices and finalize the product offering maximum utility to you.

However, it is likely that the watch model with maximum features may not give you the best value as you may not use many of such features ever. So you may like to consider functional benefits from each watch model and your dominant needs to converge towards your next set of options for further evaluation.

smartwatch features and functional benefits

Functional Benefits: Smart Watch

Functional Benefits provide a higher value to users as compared to the number of features themselves. So for a target customer who intends to buy Smart Watch for health monitoring purposes. The watches with benefits like the capability to monitor heart rate, SPO2, Blood pressure, sleep monitoring, etc. will be more valuable than other Smart Watches with features like a stylish look, email notifications, Water Resistant, titanium material, etc… Alternatively, a college student will weigh more the style benefits as compared to health monitoring benefits of the Smart Watch…

  • Use case-1

Consider a scenario that, apart from managing email notifications from the Smart Watch you also wish to monitor your heart rate and oxygen level to have proper monitoring of your fitness. Also, you may not require an ECG feature, at this point in time,  as your health has no major concerns.

So you can prepare your consideration set to further evaluate Smart Watch models from different brands on the basis of functional benefits like heart rate monitoring through an optical heart rate sensor, SPO2 level through a blood oxygen sensor, and email management through an email notification feature provided in the watch models.

Additionally, you can remove the watch models that either do not have these features OR have additional unwanted features like ECG. Which fetches you additional associated costs without any utility. Hence, you may evaluate Smart Watch models from brands like Xiaomi, Boat, and Zebronics. These brands can offer you the desired functional benefits in a much lesser price range, saving you money against unwanted features.

Emotional Benefits: Smart Watch

Spiritual and Emotional Benefits provide superior value to the customers than functional and feature benefits. A tool/product which can act as a personal assistant to a heart patient and accompany him/her throughout the day can serve as a major challenge area for the family. It would offer much-needed emotional support and assurance to the family members w.r.t. keeping an eye on their health status and handling any emergency situation effectively. Also, the recognition/reputation of any Brand/product may help boost users’ self-esteem also. This inherited emotional benefit generally gives higher value to the user. Similarly, lowering the risk by investing more in a superior brand also fetches more value for the customers…

  • Use case-2

    Consider another illustration, wherein a buyer wishes to buy a Smart Watch for her father. The father happens to be a heart patient and commutes daily between the home and the office. In this case, the buyer needs a device having features to regularly monitor the blood oxygen level, heart rate, and ECG. In addition, she also seeks the device’s ability to give early warnings and the availability of historical heart rate data for the consideration of doctors in the case of an emergency. Further, a critical feature that she must be looking for would be the functionality of emergency SOS calls and fall detection to manage any emergency situation efficiently.

In this case, the user may consider the Smart Watch models which offer functionalities of heart rate monitoring (a feature of an Optical Sensor), ECG (a feature of Electrical sensors with an app), fall detection (Accelerometer and Gyroscope features), and easily call for help & alert to emergency contacts (Emergency SOS feature). 

The presence of a certain set of key features leads to respective key functional benefits. And these functional benefits provide emotional stability and satisfaction to the buyers.

A Smartwatch model with the above-stated features and functionalities can act as a personal assistant to her father and fetch mental peace to the buyer and her family. Apple Series 7 Smart Watch, which is a premium and advanced Smart Watch can be a better choice for the user.

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