Smart Plug, Your First Step Towards Home Automation!

The world around us is changing at a greater pace, including our homes and our lives. This change can majorly be attributed to the advancements in technology esp. home automation. We see newer and more advanced products/gadgets daily with unimaginable capabilities and utilities. For example, Smartwatches continuously monitor your heartbeat rate, oxygen level, Blood pressure, etc., and also assist you to manage your phone calls, emails, alarms, etc.; Similarly, Smart Plugs for Home Automation enables you to real-time connect and control your home appliances remotely from anywhere in the world. Additionally, such devices can be controlled by our Smart Phones and Voice commands from anywhere in the world.

Need for Automation

These latest gadgets have an adequate level of inbuilt smartness so that they can connect with the internet network or collaborate with our smartphones (after initial configuration) and offer the desired features and functionalities. However, we have a fleet of old legacy products like TV/LCD panels, water geysers, water pumps, Air conditioners, lights, etc., which are fit to deliver the desired basic functionalities, but, they are not smart products as they are majorly operated manually.

Many times, we find ourselves in a situation wherein, we forget to switch off the TV or water pump or AC, etc. while leaving the house/office/shop (whatever the case may be), we find it difficult and highly inconvenient to go back and switch that off manually. In such cases, we generally wish to bring a certain level of smartness to these products to manage such situations effectively and enjoy a decent level of home control.

Consumer and industrial automation companies and product manufacturers are offering Home Automation solutions (internet of things, IoT & IIoT) in the market. Hence, it is possible to convert legacy home appliances to Smart appliances and solve many of the day-to-day problems. This will fetch convenience, richness, and the flavor of a smart home in your life with very less impact on the budget.

In this context, the Smart Plugs can be considered as a primary home automation solution to the above-stated needs and other similar challenges. The basic automation of existing appliances through Smart Plugs can enhance the utility of these appliances and can help to convert your existing home into a smart home.

 Home Automation: What is a Smart plug?

The utility and operability of Smart plugs are closely associated with Smartphones. It is evident that the smartphone is a great asset and means to manage various needs while maintaining the desired mobility like connecting with people, searching for any information over the internet, finding the route to a destination, etc…

The smartphone is also becoming a nodal device to remotely manage various smart appliances in a smart home or different machines and services in an industrial environment. Smartphone has further enhanced the capabilities of such appliances to many folds by adding features & functions loaded mobile app working in coordination with appliance/device.

Smart Plug along with Smartphone offers much-needed automation for almost all electrical home appliances i.e. ability to switch on/off the appliance remotely from anywhere in the world OR through voice commands to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant configured with it.  

As discussed earlier, the corresponding mobile app adds more utility to the Smart Plug by providing various features and functionalities like monitoring the power consumption of concerning appliances, appliance scheduling, etc… So, using a smart plug and its mobile app you can:

  • Switch ON/Off the Lamps from outside of your home
  • Control your fan or cooler from other rooms in the house
  • Switch ON/Off the AC while on the way home or leaving for the office/meeting
  • Set a timer for the water heater to provide hot water in winter mornings
  • Switch ON/Off or set a schedule for the water pump
  • Set daily ON-Off schedules for mosquito repellent etc…

You can perform the above-stated tasks and many other similar activities remotely from anywhere in the world using your mobile. You can also operate them through your voice using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa…

Popular Smart Plug Brands

There are many companies that offer relevant products and services for house automation and smart home integration. Wipro, Havells, and Syska are a few of the popular Smart plug Brands in India. We are sharing certain additional leading Brands which have their own market share in the industry and you may consider them as your purchase options:

Wipro Wi-Fi Smart Plug

  • Wipro 10A Smart Plug – Suitable for small appliances like TVs, Electric Kettle, Mobile and Laptop Chargers (Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant)​

  • Wipro Smart Plug DSP1160 with 16 amp – Suitable for Large Appliances like Geysers, Microwave Ovens, Air Conditioners (Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant)


  • ZEB-SP110, with a rated capacity of 10A, can be used with small and medium electronic appliances like light bulbs, home theatres, fans, etc.
  • ZEB-SP116 with a rated capacity of 16A can be used for medium to large electronic devices like AC, fridges, desktops, and more.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps add much value to the utility of the appliance and are expected to do the following for users:

  • Monitoring and control of appliances remotely
  • Voice control the home appliance
  • Appliance scheduling
  • Determine the energy consumption of the associated device
  • Check the Real-time data of your device
  • Daily/ monthly usage reports of these devices etc…

With the controls in your hand, you can schedule the time for optimum usage or set a cut-off time for the device to prevent the electronic item from being overused or overcharged. The devices also come with support for various voice-enabled speakers like Google Assistant and Alexa. With a simple voice command like “Switch on the AC” or “Switch off the bed light,” you will be able to control the various appliances.

install smart plug and Control your electrical home appliances trough Smartapp and Voice command

By installing appropriate Smart Plugs in your house, you can achieve better monitoring and control over your home appliances. The capability to manage them remotely or through voice commands will offer greater convenience and independence in your day-to-day living. With a small investment, you can enhance the utility of old appliances, bring a decent level of home automation to your homes and enjoy the features of a Smart Home.

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