Smart Home, Is this the Realization of Smart Lifestyle?

Much has been said and published about β€œHome Automation & Smart Lifestyle”. You have your appliances connected centrally through your Mobile Phones and executing your commands at a Touch of a Finger or Voice message to” Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant or even Apple Siri.

Smart Home and Smart Lifestyle

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, Smart Appliances and gadgets were taken as a token of Smart Home. Indian Households belonging to the middle class assumed these appliances to be more Luxury items rather than utility. The advent of the Corona Pandemic has changed our vision and perspective drastically for these technology-enabled devices/appliances.

Customers are Getting Benefitted

Smart Home Appliances like a Dishwasher or Cleaning Robotic Bot are now being seen as Intelligent Machine versions of the Housemaids. These smart appliances have substantially eliminated the risk of Virus Infection being carried into our homes from outside.

You can use these Smart Home Appliances and devices to keep you and your family safe against possible risks of COVID-19. You can also minimize your dependencies on external help that you use to receive from your HouseMaids. This flexibility has become a critical criterion as the paid assistance may or may not be available for your daily housekeeping requirements when you need them both in the normal course of life or in times of such a Pandemic like COVID-19.

The Market is Supporting Customers

Given the high competitiveness in the market, vendors are offering easy and flexible buying options to attract newer-and-newer customers. This is especially applicable to online sellers who are encouraged to bring innovative and value-giving offers to customers. These sellers are happy to make a free home delivery with a cash-on-delivery option. In addition, to confirm and close a purchase transaction, they bring to the table, multiple options like buy-back offers, easy EMI facility, cash-back benefits, and many other combo deals, etc.

Hence affording Smart Appliances is not out of reach while making Life of Home-Maker Women, Working Women and Even Work from Home Men and Women much more convenient.

Smart Home Appliances may also help you to reduce the Physical Stress that you may come across while dealing with the ordeals of doing house chores on your own in absence of any help.

So, we can appreciate that Smart Appliances, as fundamental elements of Smart Homes are helping us live Smart Lifestyle with Healthy, Efficient, and Self Dependent life.

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