How to Buy a Smart Video Doorbell?

Smart Video Doorbell, is a Home Security device that offers you the first level of a Smart Home experience. Moreover, the product is in trend and its global revenues are expected to reach USD 2.0 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 10.3%.

The smart video doorbell connects with your home Wi-Fi, hence, you can check the real-time view of your house gate on your smartphone, anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, you can have two-way communication with your visitors at the door. Furthermore, it helps you relax during the night as it works quite efficiently in dark and you can also watch triggered videos later, either stored locally in the device storage or on the cloud…

If you have recognized your need for a Smart doorbell then eventually you would like to evaluate certain product options and buy the one, which is best suited to your requirements. At this point, you must also consider that people purchase products/services for their domestic needs with high involvement when it is a new or costly item. Otherwise, they care less if it is routine shopping like the purchase of grocery items. So accordingly, please check your level of involvement, if you are purchasing it for your home/office for the first time.

You should also recognize the fact that you would indeed attempt to maximize the perceived value against the money spent and simultaneously minimize your risks. Your perceived value can be straightaway tangible or maybe deeply impacting intangible aspirations.

As per marketing research, most of the time, these abstract benefits are the major motivational factors behind a purchase and subsequently your preference for one option against the others. Hence, it will be worthwhile for you to understand the value classification, value hierarchy, and Value-buying so that you can utilize the same in all your future transactions in general, including your purchase of a Smart Doorbell in particular.


Under Value classification, First-Order values correspond to Features, Second-Order Values define Functional Benefits, and the third-order values resonate with Emotions of the buyers. Third-Order values are ranked highest in the Value-Hierarchy followed by Second-order and First-Order values respectively.

You can read about Value Classification, Value Hierarchy, and Value Buying in detail in the following post: Customer Perceived Value and its Classification, Hierarchy, and Transaction

Purchase Case of Smart Video Doorbell

Considering the case of a smart doorbell, we will discuss in detail the Features, Functional Benefits, and Emotional benefits of Smart doorbells in certain scenarios. We will also discuss how the abstract benefits may influence your decisions in favor of different product models/brands.

This exercise will give you a glimpse of your buying process, your customer segment from the perspective of product manufacturers, and the company’s targeting and positioning of the products to you.

Henceforth, you should be able to apply this knowledge to purchase the best smart doorbell for your home and for your subsequent purchases.

Features of a Smart Video Doorbell

On scanning the market, you will find that different manufacturers release different models and brands of products each with a unique set of features (including a few common features and certain distinctive features). Each model satisfies the need of a distinguished set of customers i.e. the target customers.

Also, different manufacturers compete with each other in multiple segments, while maintaining their product USPs in each of the market segments with segment-specific models.

In the above context and our discussion on Smart Doorbells, you will find a large number of Smart video doorbell brands, offering different features in their product models. The following table is quite a comprehensive list of smart doorbell features. You may consider it for your own learning or to create a subset of features for your evaluation purposes.



Wi-Fi Technology
(wireless network)
– WiFi 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
– WiFi 5.0 GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Inbuilt Camera– 1536p; aspect ratio 1:1
– 1080p; aspect ratio 3:4
– 1080p; aspect ratio 9:16
Night vision– Infrared LED
– Monochromatic and color night vision
– Working range 16-25 feet
Motion sensors– A network of three linked passive infrared (PIR) sensors which detect motion by monitoring heat within the detection area
Human Detection– Advanced AI algorithms detect human figures and avoid false alarms due to small animals, vehicles, etc…
Video Calling– Internet-based calling on Smartphone
Video Recording– All-day recording
– Trigger-based recording
SD card slot– 24/7 local video storage
– SD Card slot on the base station; 8GB/16GB/32GB
Inbuilt Speaker– Audio-out for the guests/visitors
Inbuilt Microphone– Audio-in for the  guests/visitors
OEM Mobile App– System setup, video calling, routine automation
Text Notifications– SMS Alert on mobile with a quick-launch link
Image Notifications– Image preview on mobile with a quick-launch link
Pre-recorded message play– To communicate to visitors in DND situations
PIN for Data access– Access rights to view the camera’s live feed and captured footage
Cloud storage– Free storage or Paid subscriptions
Device Sharing– Share the Video doorbell with family members
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
/High Dynamic Range (HDR)
– Image enhancements under highly contrasted background lighting conditions. Hardware and software levels.
Motion Zone– Create motion zones in view to reduce the possibility of false alarms. One/multiple zones, Zone overlapping, etc.
Wide Angle Lens– Field of view for larger coverage; Horizontal (H) & Vertical(V)
– H150° & V150°
– H88°&V120°
– H160° etc…
Image Customisation tool– Brightness & Sharpness adjustment tools
Face Recognition– Advanced AI Algorithms to Identify individual human faces, create a private Face Album, recognize them and announce their name when at the doorstep.
Visitors Log– A daily log of visitors
Chime Tunes– Number and variety of chime tune options and quality
Weather-resistant– IP65 weather-resistant, operating temperature range -20°C to +50°C,
Alarm system– Anti-theft Siren on unauthorized dismantling
– Doorbell optimization through modes, trigger, and action settings.
– Modes like Home, Away, Night, DND
– Triggers like motion detection or person detection or press of a doorbell button
– Action like video calling, video recording, audio play, chime bell, mobile notification, etc…
Smart Home Compatible– Integration with Smart Home systems including Security systems like Hub, CCTV, Smart Lock, Smart  Lighting, Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Smart Things, etc…
Data Encryption– Encryption technology for network and data security from online intrusion and hacking

Based on the influence of Smart doorbell features, you may incline to select and buy the Smart doorbell model with maximum features. However, you must consider that, if you buy a smart doorbell only on the basis of more features, you may either be overpaying against your needs or under-utilizing the product compared to its capabilities.

In both cases, the value you receive will be compromised. The value loss is caused by the inefficiency to define the intent of buying the doorbell. Buying a smart doorbell to meet the purpose can be a more effective way to enhance the value received.

Functional Benefits of a Smart Doorbell

The functional benefits from products/services connect with the Purposes that you want to serve. You would buy the products/services that satisfy your needs most efficiently and effectively.

For example, one major purpose for you to buy a smart doorbell could be to have an instant and good-quality video call with the visitors at your doorstep. The quality video call would mean clear images, clear voice, no lag in video or audio, etc…

Hence, the Smart doorbell with a better camera, microphone, and speaker specifications would be your choice to satisfy your main need for the product. You may discard another brand that is offering more features but lacks video and audio quality.

Similarly, you can determine various other functional benefits that Smart doorbells can provide you. Analysis of the purpose, functional benefits, and technical specifications will help you to choose/discard the products for further analysis.

You can review the list below to get some input on typical functional benefits that you may seek before spending the money on it.

Functional BenefitsFeatures of Smart Doorbell reinforcing the functional benefits
Instant Mobile Alerts– Text Notifications
– Image Notifications
Real-time View and Video Call– High-Definition Camera
– Inbuilt Microphone and Speaker for two-way talk
– Instant Video call on mobile on pressing of bell
– Live Video launch
Site-Specific View Adjustments– High Dynamic Range and Wide Dynamic Range
– Wide-Angle lens
– Aspect Ratio
– The image customization tool
Data Recording and Storage– Continued Recordings
– Event-based recordings
– Local SD Card storage
– Free Cloud Storage
– Paid Cloud storage subscription
Safety of family & property– Night Vision
– Face Recognition
– Visitors Log
– Motion Sensors
– Sound Sensors
– Anti-theft alarm
– Data Encryption technology
– PIN Setting for data access
Automation Utility– Pre-recorded Audio message play
– Motion Zones (flexible or rigid)
– Routines in Mobile app
– Device Sharing
– WiFi-enabled
– Smart Home Compatible
Simple Operations
/Easy Handling
– Smartphone Controlled
– Voice Controlled using Voice Assistants
– Easy Chime setting
Easy Installation
and Configuration
– User-friendly Mobile App,
– Base Station/WiFi router with power plug
– Easy Camera Unit pairing in mobile app
– Screw and Pasting options to mount the Camera Unit
– Wired or battery-powered
– Weather Resistant
Price & Subscriptions– Product Price
– Subscription fee
– Installation cost
– EMI Options
– Free Home Delivery
– Power consumption and standby time
Additional Value– Easy availability
– Warranty
– Customer Support

Emotional Benefits of a Smart Video Doorbell

As discussed above, you would realize that, though you buy the products/services to satisfy your needs, your purchase transactions are not always backed by a deep technical evaluation or price analysis; rather, your decisions are motivated by your aspirations or your concerns to reduce certain risks.

For eg., you may like to upgrade your traditional doorbell to a smart video doorbell not because it comes with a lot of features like a High-resolution Camera, Night vision, device sharing feature, etc…., or due to its functional benefit that you can operate it using your Smartphone, but, because you wish to add more convenience to your life and also aspire for a rich lifestyle.

Further, you may also prefer buying the Video Doorbell model recommended by your friend to reduce the risk as your friend is a satisfied user of that brand.

Consider another example you want to install the Smart doorbell at your main gate which is directly on the roadside and the bell will be exposed to rain and direct sunlight also. In this case, you may perceive the risks that someone may try steeling it, or else the doorbell may not withstand varied weather conditions, and finally you may end up replacing the doorbell every 4-5 months.

So to manage the above risks you would prefer the Smart doorbell which is weather-resistant and comes with an anti-theft alarm. You may weigh risk minimization more than a compromise on any feature/functional benefit like smart home compatibility with only Amazon Alexa and not with Samsung SmartThings.

Which is Your Abstract Differentiator?

The above examples might be able to clarify that your abstract ideas play a major role in your decision-making. In the same way, you may get many other emotional benefits from any product including the Smart doorbell. These abstract benefits become a differentiator for you in making a decision. A few of such possible perceptions (Differentiators, Associations, Relativity….) are given below for your quick consideration…

Emotional Benefits

Features/Functional Benefits of Smart Doorbell

Peace of Mind– Instant Mobile alerts
– Night Vision
– Video archives
– Face recognition
– Visitors log
– Alarm
Convenience  – Instant Video Call on Mobile
– WiFi networked for anywhere controls
– Pre-recorded messages play
– Device sharing
– Free product home delivery
Rich Lifestyle– Smart Home compatibility
– Routines/automation using App
Lower Risks– Warranty
– support
– User reviews
– Lower power consumption
– Ultra-long standby time
– Weather resistant
– EMI option

Product manufacturers try to resonate with these abstract ideas and position their products through advertisements and other messages to influence your deep-lying emotions.


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