Smart Door Lock, Best Device for Home Security and Rich Lifestyle!

Smart Door Lock is an Electro-Mechanical lock that is in trend as a Home Security, Intrusion Detection, and Access Control device. This device performs locking and unlocking of the door when it receives commands from an authorized source/form like a Numeric Password, Finger Print Scanning, RF Tag Inputs, Phone Code, and Mechanical keys.

The system uses wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), Zigbee, RFID, etc. for communications. The device uses suitable encryption technology to secure these communications.

Smart Lock/Digital Door locks also create logs of door operations. It also sends notifications against such triggers on your mobile phone. You also get indications about the operational status when the card is being read, or the lock is in operation, or it observes lower battery voltage, etc…

Components of a Smart Door Lock

smart door lock components includes both mechanical and digital items and safety features

Smart door Lock has the following units:

  • Exterior Unit with a numerical keypad, fingerprint scanner, RFID card reader, physical keyhole, and handle/knob; camera, speaker, and microphone are optional features, including in high-end models.
  • Interior Unit housing micro-controller, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Batteries, Speaker, and Handle/knob
  • Mortise Unit with one or multiple deadbolts along with face plate, strike plate, handle shafts, screws, and cutting template
  • Mobile App to be installed on your Smart Phone for setup and key management.

You can adjust the handles in exterior and interior units to right-handed or left-handed operations as per the requirement. The Lock units are generally made of stainless steel. The steel is chemically processed to develop properties like anti-corrosion, rust resistance, durability, etc. The exterior unit features a tempered glass touchscreen for the numeric keys input.

Smart door lock suits doors with 37 to 110 millimeters thickness which can house the Mortise unit without compromising the door strength. The mortise may have single or multiple deadbolt designs. It may also have a separate faceplate to fix the mortise unit properly in the wooden door cavity.

A Cutting template, with the exact dimensions, is provided with the kit. The template helps in the installation of the lock including the cavity creation in the door for Mortise and drilling holes to mount exterior and interior units.

Options to Unlock the Door

You can unlock the door using physical or virtual keys like:

  • Biometrics i.e. your fingerprints
  • Numeric Password to type on touch screen keypad
  • RF Tags or NFC Keys for RFID reader
  • Smart Phone key through BLE/WiFi communication
  • Physical or Traditional mechanical hardware keys

The fingerprint scanner generally supports 100 fingerprints. It can read the fingerprints in less than 1 second and the 360-Degree Fingerprint Registration feature helps the user to place the user’s finger at any angle on the sensor and the machine will recognize the fingerprint and unlock the door.

The keypad lock comes with an anti-peeking password security feature, so you can add random numbers before or after the password in the presence of strangers, thereby maintaining secrecy. If you are not at your home, you can generate temporary OTPs to grant access to your guests.

You can share NFC keys (Near Field Communication) in the form of RFID Tags with additional members to grant access. A Smart lock can support up to 200 ID cards.

You can manage the Smartphone keys in the mobile app. The smartphone can communicate with a Smart lock through Low Energy Bluetooth Technology (BLE) to unlock the door if it is in close proximity; or else you can operate the smart lock from your smartphone from anywhere in the world if the Smart lock is connected to the Home WiFi internet network.

Physical keys are also provided to unlock the door in case other keys/means are not working for some reason. Certain high-end smart locks also come with Fire sensors that can unlock the door automatically in the event the inside room temperature reaches 65 degrees Celsius.

Leading Brands in Smart Door Locks

Both national and international brands of Smart Door locks are available in India. All brands offer products with various features and functionalities and compete under various sub-categories of Smart Door locks. A few of the leading brands are as follows:

Apart from the above players, there are a few new entrants from India also offering Smart Digital locks with limited models and a specific target market.

Hero Group, one of the leading business houses in India is offering various technology-enabled consumer products under the Brand name Qubo. Qubo offers Smart locks under two subcategories i.e Rim locks and Mortise locks. These locks offer a powerful combination of aesthetics and convenience packed into one, suiting residential and commercial markets in India.

Benefits of Smart Door Locks

As a member of Smart Home Devices, Smart Door locks offer very good utility to the users. You can expect the following major benefits after the installation in your home or office etc..:

  • Convenience: You can use multiple options to unlock the door like smartphones, RF Tags, Keypad passwords, fingerprints, and mechanical keys.
  • Remote Operations: You can unlock the door from anywhere in the world if the Smart lock is connected to your home WiFi network.
  • Multi-user Authorization: You can configure around 100 fingerprints and up to 200 RF Tags to grant access to multiple users. You can also generate temporary OTPs and email or SMS them to your guests to operate the door.
  • Highly Secure: Smart Locks come with defense-level security. They use encryption technology to counter any online intrusion. They are made of stainless steel to withstand any physical intrusion attempt.
  • Safer: Smart locks send mobile alerts, monitor the use of virtual keys, and log access events.

The Electronic door lock is a Smart lock as it is always aware of the current status and keeps us aware of the same. Also, in case of an event, it is capable to trigger appropriate safety measures and partner us to manage the safety and access in the house.

It can be integrated with other Smart Home devices like Smart Doorbell, CCTV, Safety Alarms, etc.. to complement overall Home Safety and Security needs. Smart Locks can add more convenience and luxury to your life.

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