Modern Home Appliances, Whether a Luxury OR a Necessity for Urban Living?

In this article, you can review and appreciate the subtle change that has taken place in public lifestyle esp. in urban areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously considered luxuries like technology gadgets and Modern home appliances expressing an urban living & lifestyle are now becoming necessities and offering great value to the users in critical situations. In this article, we have showcased few Modern home appliances that can be your best mates in the future.

COVID-19 has posed a big challenge in front of us and brought a subtle change in our lives, lifestyles, and needs. Majorly in metro cities and urban areas, wherein both the family heads are engaged to respective jobs, the configuration of life has changed a lot due to the pandemic. Work from home arrangement, higher concern for healthcare and hygiene, unavailability of housemaids, etc.. had caused a disruption in the normal life.

All of a sudden, the daily routine got changed and certain house chores also added to the lives alongside the stretched office tasks. Families really struggled during the lockdown and post lockdown coping with the new challenges and adjustments caused by the virus outbreak eg. self-cleaning of house and dishwashing due to unavailability of household labor, ensure hygiene and cleanliness to counter the threat of virus spread, ensure the safety of more vulnerable beings like kids and older members.

Families desperately needed viable solutions to respond to the problem. In this regard, machines offered a greater sigh of relief to the families facing these challenges. The household chores like home cleaning (dry and wet), dishwashing, cooking, etc., which were outsourced to the helpers in pre-pandemic times and were forced to be done by self during the lockdown, now can be outsourced again to these new family mates i.e. machines to restore quality time and convenience back into the lives.

Modern Home Appliances

Certain categories of modern home appliances are becoming essential for urban living like dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, contact-less sanitizer dispensers, etc. These products were available in the market for some time and were quite popular in the US, Europe, and other countries, also got attention in Indian families to address the need of the hour. These products got accepted as efficient, effective, and sustainable solutions to handle the current requirement and manage such uncertainties in the long run as well.

The definition of a home has also undergone a change. As stated above, the earlier notion of a smart home, home automation, modern home appliances, and urban living, lifestyle, and luxury has got transformed into a necessity. Families are considering home automation and the addition of below described home appliances/items into their lives as a new family member OR a house-mate: 

Sanitizer Dispenser

As a hygiene and safety measure families have started placing an automatic sanitizer dispenser beside their house gate to ensure the cleaning of hands of each house entrant and reduce the chances of any virus getting inside the house.  Certain households have extended such cleaning to shoes and full-body also and installed either a shoe cleaner OR a sanitizer spray chamber or a UV system Or a suitable combination at their house entrance to curb the virus exposure.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Families are using cleaning bots or robotic vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning of houses. These intelligent bots are efficient and effective enough to meet the day-to-day cleaning requirements of families. These devices can scan houses and generate a digital map for their operations, do the floor cleaning (dry and wet) automatically when instructed, can be scheduled according to cleaning preferences, automatically dock for self-charging, can be managed through mobile app, etc. Based on this smartness they are able to solve a major pain area of urban nuclear families.


Another major challenge area posed by labor shortage for families is dishwashing. Dishwashing is a repetitive and tedious task that consumes the major time and energy of family members.  Dishwashers have solved this problem to a greater extent as they are available in the market in various sizes, capacities, and program options suiting to varied family requirements. They are also efficient in terms of water and power requirements and able to deliver a superior cleaning experience. Dishwasher, which earlier was considered to be a luxury item is being seen as a helping hand for an urban family.

Air Purifiers

Considering the deteriorating air quality in urban areas, the impact of poor air quality on human immunity and health, the threat of airborne diseases, and the spread of viruses have forced the public at large to look seriously towards an alarming drop in AQI. In order to improve the quality of air intake, certain users had readily adopted Air cleaners and purifiers as an attempt to clean the air inside their houses. Air purifiers are considered to improve air circulation in houses and reduce Carbon Dioxide levels, Airborne Asbestos Particles, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Pollutants, Allergens, cigarettes Smoke, etc. And help to reduce triggers for Asthma, Lung Disease, Chances of development of Mesothelioma, Leukemia, and Lymphoma, etc.


Excessive use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals on fruits and vegetables and their consumption by humans has led to lower immunity, poor health, and growth of strange diseases in human beings. This had an extremely bad impact on family nutrition and the mental and physical development of kids. Also, Covid-19 has made us realize the importance of healthcare and the quality intake of items like fruits, vegetables, and other food items. In order to remove the effect of pesticides and chemicals and make the raw food items consumable, Ozonisers are being looked at as an in-house solution. 

Ozonizers help to Sterilize, disinfect, Deodorize, and preserve the freshness of raw food items (veg. Or non-veg items). Ozone output of 200 mg per hour removes 80 % to 95 % of pesticides, Antibiotics & Hormones from meats and vegetables and kills 99 % of Living Micro-organism, Viruses, Germs.

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