Smart Lighting, Redefine Your Home with Smart Bulbs Themes!

Whether you own a 2BHK, 3BHK, or a villa, you know that your home is the best place in the world. You go out to your workplace and face the difficult part of life on a daily basis. However, you receive all the happiness and warmth when you come back to your place in the evening and meet your family.

You might have wished and dreamt, that your house also expresses the same happiness to all your guests esp. relatives, and friends. You may wish that they go back with a distinct memory, each time they visit your house, whether for a routine get-together or on a special occasion like Diwali, Eid, Baisakhi, Christmas, etc.

Though sharing love and a deep relationship with family and friends make any place beautiful, however, with the help of certain external things, you can enrich the atmosphere of the place. With such things as flowers, music, etc. you would be able to redefine the environment and create a deeper impact on the dwellers.

You may like, that your guests, while they stay in the living room may experience distinct energy, and sense the message from the surroundings that you want to convey. You often use a combination of decoration, fragrance, and music to make the room environment more vibrant. Similarly, you use flowers and agarbatti/dhoopbatti in the place of pooja to modulate your feelings for the almighty god.

Home Automation: Smart Lighting

In the above context, you can use lighting with different colors and shades to add another dimension to your home environment. Different lighting colors, with their cool to warm variants, have a distinctive impact on the personas of place and occasion. Also, different colors can positively influence the mood and behavior of people.

In fact, the use of smart lights is in trend in both domestic and commercial applications. Smart bulbs come in handy as a great Home Automation solution to create thematic lighting conditions as per the application and occasion.

Personalized Lighting Automation

Smart bulbs offer great utility as they support 16 million colors and can be adjusted to any color requirement as per the theme demand. You can pick any color from the palette or from any image of your choice to personalize the theme. You can quickly activate or deactivate any theme or instantly modify the existing scene on the mobile app. You can also schedule them in your mobile app to operate them at a later period.  

Smart bulbs can be used singly or in a group to obtain personalized color scenarios. Using the same smart bulbs you can create different lighting scenarios, both for your daily routines or special themes during festive days.

For example, on the day of Rakshabandhan, you can create a soothing lighting scenario in your pooja room using a combination of warm white and yellow light; and a different theme with cool white and orange in your living room to transform your special requirements of the day. However, on a regular day, you can use the same bulbs in the pooja room with warm white color and the bulbs in the living room with cool white or cool blue colors to match your usual requirements. You can also schedule your bedroom lights to gently wake you up in the morning or your lobby smart bulb to greet you when you get home in a routine course.

You can set up customized lighting automation as per your routine or special requirements. However, to avoid any schedule clash, you should ensure that any particular bulb is not a part of two or more different themes, scheduled to function during the same period.

Smart Bulbs Theme Management

You can use the mobile app to organize, control, and customize the smart lights at your place. Any individual bulb or a room or zone can be configured and controlled remotely.

You can also control smart bulbs hands-free through your voice commands. Configure them with the voice assistant at your home like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and control them through your voice instructions. The voice assistant will follow your voice command and adjust the theme settings according to your instruction like changing a light color or switching on/off any particular bulb or zone etc.

You can also command and control your lights manually with simple taps on your smartphone. If the lighting items are connected to your home Wi-Fi network you can easily modify lights’ brightness, temperature, color, etc. from anywhere in the world.

Persona Management

The choice of lighting colors, shades, or location may depend upon many factors and may vary with an individual’s personal choice or situational needs. For example, you may consider different lighting themes in your living room and bedroom; you may even consider the zodiac sign of your guests to determine the dominant lighting color in your living room, you may prefer a different color scheme for different occasions…..

Hence, the selection of light parameters should consider the amalgamation of various personas to create the desired environment. The personas to be considered may be the following:

  1. Colour Persona
  2. Occasion Persona
  3. Place Persona
  4. Time Persona
  5. Person Persona

Installation and Configuration: Smart Bulbs

If you are using a lighting system including smart bulbs from a single Brand, you may be able to manage this Home Lighting Automation through the mobile app provided by the product manufacturer. In such a simplistic installation, you may not require installing a separate central hub to manage the overall home automation. In the event, lighting items are from multiple brands, then you may need to install multiple smartphone apps to manage all the lighting.

Or else, If you have a Voice Assistant eg. Amazon Alexa, you can configure different lighting apps to the Alexa app and can control all the lighting products centrally from Alexa using your smartphone or through your voice commands.

However, if you want to control not only the lighting system but, home appliances, security, and safety devices of your home as well centrally, then you may need a central Hub to manage the entire home automation efficiently and effectively.

Though, installing and maintaining such a sophisticated Smart Home Automation system using a hub would require more CAPEX and OPEX, but, this centralized and advanced home automation system can make you experience a highly personalized and luxurious lifestyle.

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