Human and Technology, Is there a Fine and Deeper Connection?

We all understand that “Necessity is the mother of all inventions“. This fundamental truth might have played well right from the inception of human being to the current state. Today human has not only become well-structured social being but has a unique mental consciousness along with subconsciousness and unconsciousness. Technology which is one of the most powerful inventions of humans is primarily a replication of the human brain. From this perspective, there is a definite connection between humans and technology. In this article, we will go a bit deeper into this thought and try to visualize the connection between humans and technology along with the realization of the power of technology and the potential of the human brain.

Human Evolution: A Double Front Development

During the early evolution period survival of the fittest was the only governing rule to be alive. Creatures competed with creatures to beat the struggle of life and command vital resources. A distinct specie i.e. humans, which came out to be the superior out of all contemporary species, started competing at two simultaneous fronts. First is the survival front and the other developmental front.

The survival front required humans to be marginally superior to the competing creatures and be optimal in energy requirements. The developmental front, which was internal to humans and pertains to perpetual superior competency, translated into faster development of a powerhouse i.e. brain. 

Soon brain started developing (neurological growth) at its own pace separate from that of the rest of the body as human beings were majorly engaged in survival activities. Though, the key to controlling the brain was inside the genetic coding of humans (both being a single unit anyhow), but, human’s apparent capability was limited to commanding a fraction of brain strength. This might be due to the sufficiency of apparent brainpower to meet their survival needs.

Apparent, Extended, and Ultimate Brain Potential

By the passage of thousands of years, a considerable gap is created between ultimate human brain potential and apparent human brain potential. Different individuals and experts in different arts/subjects/skills may be considered to use different apparent brains (specific to their unique skills) and if we club all such apparent brain subsets (with no redundancy) then we would have a superset of apparent human potential, says the extended human brain, which will be a subset of ultimate brain potential. Development of the brain is still going on and so as human endeavors to extend the limits of the apparent/ extended brain under control by humans.

Evolution of Machines and Computers

Observations and imagination capability of the apparent/extended brain provided human being the ability to develop simple machines, larger and complex machines, better and more efficient machines, and so on. Studies of the brain further helped humans to replicate the brain in the form of a computer, a machine that may match the human brain and possibly be able to defeat it. Although, the existing computer capability may be very less as compared to ultimate brain potential, much higher than the average apparent human brain potential.

With the adoption of machines (eg mobiles, laptops, and other high-end computing devices) by a larger and growing proportion of the global population, each individual is feeding the machines with all the information and skills that individuals have learned during evolution (inborn competencies and learned skills stored in the apparent brain and collectively in the human extended brain) i.e. habits, lifestyles, choices, analysis styles, evaluation criteria, decision making, etc…

Artificial Intelligence: A Friend OR A Future Rival

Humans are continuously making machines more and more intelligent through both the increased computing power and high information feed (via Digitalization, Cloud computing, IoT, Machine Learning, deep learning eg Alexa, Amazon, and, Facebook…). This is providing the machines with all the ingredients of Artificial Intelligence needed by the machines to make independent decisions similar to humans.

Machines (an integrated and densely distributed network of devices) being highly efficient and faster will learn within a few years what humans have learned over thousands of years. The intersection point of this capability between humans and Machines might be the stage when computers then would have combined strength of computing power and embedded information equivalent to the extended human brain strength then in the future. That would be the time when humans would have nothing more to provide them as inputs, and then machines may become independent, break free from human control, and even may attempt to make humans their slaves.

The development of Machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, etc. is the platform that humans are offering to machines in their developmental path. Today, the sign of a hidden fight with machines is evident in the high automation of processes thereby eliminating of the human workforce. Machines have started testing human skills by competing with them and many times requiring humans to prove their superiority over machines to save their occupations.

In order to avoid the adverse/uncontrollable situation in the future and have an upper edge over machines always, humans need to foresee the challenge and take regulatory measures now with proper considerations in technological growth OR else accelerate the expansion of apparent brain limit (through accelerated learning & skilling) at a rate such that human is able to reach and cross the extended brain limit before the machines reach the intersection point OR human should develop another parallel and integrated human network (eg. through Telepathy, etc..) of apparent brains with the cumulative network strength equal to the extended brain. Once reached the extended limit human can then approach towards ultimate brain potential residing within humans in a deactivated state.

The key to activation is already embedded in human genetics. We might have our own black hole-like paths and networks in our brains, through which humans can travel the journey with infinite speed to connect with the ultimate brain. Human needs to recognize it, identify it and make the desired attempt to reactivate it. In addition to exploring the outside world for learning and skilling, humans should also explore the inside world within humans to locate the black hole and start another great expedition of power enlightenment.

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