What are the Applications of IoT in Energy Monitoring and Management?

IoT in energy monitoring and management for realtime insights of energy system and opportunitires to remove wastage and save money on electricity bills

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we live and work. It involves the connection of everyday devices and appliances to the internet, allowing them to communicate with each other and with us. IoT is a powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize the process of Energy monitoring and Management. Energy consumption … Read more

Smart and Precise Farming Using IoT in Agriculture!

smart agriculture and automation in farming using IoT in agriculture

IoT in Agriculture can be considered as Digitalization of Agriculture in terms of the utilization of internet technology and smart agriculture sensors in farming processes. Deployment of Advanced farming technology would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of farming practices and hence fetch sustainability to the farmers. Higher efficiency can be realized in higher productivity with lesser … Read more

How Can You Conduct an Energy Audit and Verify Your Electricity Bill?

Deploy Your Own Dedicated Energy Audit Device for energy audit and savings on monthly electricity bills

In order to cross-check the accuracy of the energy meter installed by the Electrical Power company at your premises, and conduct a real-time Energy Audit of your power usage and power bills, you can consider installing a Smart Electricity Monitor as a Smart Energy Audit device in your premises. This device will not only provide … Read more

Power Saver Device to Control Electricity Bills!

smart electricity monitors for monitoring, reporting, analysis and optimization of energy usage and save on electricity bills

Electricity has become a basic need in our lives. We require electricity throughout the day, whether it’s for residential, commercial, agricultural, transportation, or industrial use. The usage and our dependence on electricity will increase in the future with more and more electrification and automation in each of the stated sectors. At the same time,  residential … Read more

Smart Door Lock, Best Device for Home Security and Rich Lifestyle!

A Smart Door Lock is an Electro-Mechanical lock that is in trend as a Home Security, Intrusion Detection, and Access Control device

A Smart Door Lock is an Electro-Mechanical lock that is in trend as a Home Security, Intrusion Detection, and Access Control device. This device performs locking and unlocking of the door when it receives commands from an authorized source/form like a Numeric Password, Finger Print Scanning, RF Tag Inputs, Phone Code, and Mechanical keys. The system uses wireless protocols like … Read more

Smart Bulbs, Manage the Personas, and Enjoy the Lighting Theme!

smart bulbs can produce unlimited light colors suiting every possible persona and create a desired environment

VIBGYOR is the acronym that we all are familiar with. It represents the seven colors in a rainbow viz. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. You are aware that the sunlight on refraction at fine water droplets in the cloud splits into a band of these colors. We also observe the same phenomenon … Read more

Smart Doorbell, Ensure Your Home Security, and Enjoy Smart Lifestyle!

Smart Doorbell is a Home Security device and a smart replacement for traditional doorbells and video phones.

Smart Doorbell is a Home Security device and a smart replacement for traditional doorbells and video phones. This device is Wi-Fi-enabled; equipped with a motion sensor; competent to send alerts on your mobile phone; provides two-way audio communication with visitors at your door; capable to arrange an instant video call on your mobile; has a … Read more

Home Security, Insights of CCTV Cameras and Video Surveillance

Home security and video surveillance using CCTV camera

Home security refers to all the measures that make your home secure against intrusions. The purpose is to secure your family or any tangible or intangible property in your house against any damage/loss. The home security may correspond to any of the following: Personal Security Practices From the perspective of personal security practices, we believe … Read more

Home Automation with Smart Wi-Fi Modules; Enjoy Luxury and Save Money!

install Smart WiFi LFM module and operate your Lights and fans through smartphone and smart app

Home Automation can add richness to life by automating various manual tasks and bringing smartness to household devices and home appliances. Automation of electrical appliances like Water pumps, Geysers, and Air Coolers can be achieved at a very basic level by using Smart Plugs. After installing smart plugs (5A, 6A, 10A, and 15A ratings as … Read more

Home Automation, Best Time to Explore Smart Homes!

smart home and home automation for connected homes

Home Automation is also termed Domotics and the home with applied home automation is known as a Smart Home. Information technology has transformed the way we use to interact with machines. Automation has greatly enhanced the utility of machines and also added a lot more convenience and comfort to our lives. Introduction Home automation is the … Read more

Smart Watch, Best Selling Gadget for Style and Health Monitoring!

Smart Watch is a multiple utility product. monitor your health and demonstrate your style together

Smart Watch, in the regular course, is one of the best gadgets for health monitoring and style. They make the users look Smart on one hand and on the other monitor and alert the users on vital health statistics. As you know that health has become a focal point of concern for everyone after the … Read more

Must-Have Technologies for Successful Work From Home Setup!

basic infrastructure and technology to make work-from-home team clooaboration successful

Several organizations globally transitioned their employees from the office to a Work from Home model during the Coronavirus pandemic. The organizations realized the importance of technology and what role can technology play in allowing employees to work from home and maintain/improve productivity levels. Work-From-Home (WFH) Work-from-Home can be described as the work being done remotely, instead of at … Read more

Smart Wi-Fi Universal Remote, An Essential Device for Smart Homes!

Control your Infrared Devices remotely from anywhere using your smartphone

Home Appliances offer very good Utility and day-to-day conveniences to the users. Generally, though the appliances work fine and you may receive the desired functionality in a regular course also, but, sometimes you may feel frustrated with respect to their operations and controls. Consider a case of your house, wherein, you may have many home … Read more

Smart Plug, Your First Step Towards Home Automation!

control your electrical home appliances remotely through smartapp

The world around us is changing at a greater pace, including our homes and our lives. This change can majorly be attributed to the advancements in technology esp. home automation. We see newer and more advanced products/gadgets daily with unimaginable capabilities and utilities. For example, Smartwatches continuously monitor your heartbeat rate, oxygen level, Blood pressure, … Read more

Automatic Water Level Controller, Save Water, Energy, and Money!

install Automatic Water Level Controllers to optimize pump operations and remove water tank overflow

Potable water is a very precious and scarce resource on the earth. Only 1% of water available on earth is drinkable. India has 16% of the global population; however, it has just 4% of the world’s fresh water. Certain studies have estimated that in India more than 75 million people do not have an access … Read more

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the Core Technologies behind Metaverse!

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are extending and transforming human senses in the metaverse

Our perception of the surrounding environment is based upon the interaction between our natural senses and the surrounding environment. As you know, we sense any environment (target environment) through our natural senses i.e sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Based on the inputs from these senses, we create a perception of that environment in our … Read more

Smart and Connected, Internet of Things(IoT), and Industrial IoT.

internet of things and industrial internet of things concepts and knowledge

The progression from Mechanization (Industry 1.0) to Electrification (Industry 2.0) to Computation (Industry 3.0) and to Connectivity (Industry 4.0, IoT, and IIoT) is evident today. Information technology has not only enhanced efficiency at the individual level, both for humans or machines but, has brought effectiveness to a new level through connectivity. Human is connected with … Read more

Effective Voice Collaboration, How to Evaluate and Select a Headset?

Features and functional benefits of a professional headset for excellent quality voice collaboration

As we understand that making the virtual experience during any call (Voice or video) to be as close to the real in-person experience as possible, the efficiency and effectiveness of both the video collaboration and the Voice collaboration become very important. From the perspective of voice collaboration and communication, it is very important that the … Read more

A Quick Guide to Evaluate and Select the Best Webcam!

Guide to evaluation and selection a professional webcam

The capability to virtually communicate and collaborate instantly with colleagues, partners, and customers regardless of location is a critical need in today’s business world. Unified communications, personal video collaboration, and team video conferencing are replacing face-to-face meetings, thereby reducing the need for business travel. Since collaboration is instantaneous, businesses and individuals are realizing real improvements … Read more

Dishwasher, You Should Learn This Before You Purchase It?

Dishwasher features and functions to look for before buying

If you are a working member or older in age or have a scarcity of time or you have no housemaid to support or you find it painful to wash the utensils/dishes yourself, then, evaluating and purchasing a dishwasher is the best way forward to manage this repetitive, time-taking and tedious task. With this smart … Read more

Modern Home Appliances, Whether a Luxury OR a Necessity for Urban Living?

Smart Home appliances have become a necessity for urban homes

In this article, you can review and appreciate the subtle change that has taken place in public lifestyle esp. in urban areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously considered luxuries like technology gadgets and Modern home appliances expressing an urban living & lifestyle are now becoming necessities and offering great value to the users in critical … Read more

Human and Technology, Is there a Fine and Deeper Connection?

Artificial Intelligence: A Friend OR A Future Rival

We all understand that “Necessity is the mother of all inventions“. This fundamental truth might have played well right from the inception of human being to the current state. Today human has not only become well-structured social being but has a unique mental consciousness along with subconsciousness and unconsciousness. Technology which is one of the … Read more

Smart Home, Is this the Realization of Smart Lifestyle?

smart homes with smart appliances and advanced technology are changing the relationship between homes and offices

Much has been said and published about “Home Automation & Smart Lifestyle”. You have your appliances connected centrally through your Mobile Phones and executing your commands at a Touch of a Finger or Voice message to” Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant or even Apple Siri. Smart Home and Smart Lifestyle Before the outbreak of COVID-19, … Read more