Which Bike is Best in Royal Enfield?

Which Bike is Best in Royal Enfield

Indian Army Conquers Karakoram Pass at 18700 Ft on Royal Enfield Bike Himalayan; situated at a height of 18700 Ft, Karakoram Pass on the Indo-China border bears very strategic importance for the Indian Army. The pass is situated 20 km north of the Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) Airport, which is the world’s highest military airport … Read more

Value; its Classification, Hierarchy, and Transaction

Value can be classified based on features or functional benefits or emotional associations.

The ‘VALUE’ determines a very important role in every transaction between buyers and sellers. Transactions are sustainable wherein the mutual exchange of value is higher as compared to the underlying costs/expenses. What is Value? As a customer, you would wish to maximize the Perceived Value while you spend your money and make a purchase. You … Read more

Urban Customers, Purchasing Process, and Value-Buying!

understanding and helping the customers at each step in their buying process provides competitive advantage to the companies

In this article, you will learn about the typical purchasing process and the underlying value-buying for customers. This will help urban dwellers and modern customers to be smart customers by adopting a standard and scientific framework in future purchasing and be able to handle an ever-growing list of competitive alternatives. As a customer, we purchase … Read more

Hand Sanitization and Hygiene, Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Soap and Sanitizer both have their own benefits and utility. Automatic hand Sanitizers can help maintain hygiene and cleanliness in offices, factories and houses to fight against any pandemic

Germs are everywhere! They can get onto our hands and items we touch during daily activities and can cause sickness. Cleaning hands at key times with water and/or soap, and hand sanitization becomes critical to avoid getting sick and spreading germs/viruses to those around us.  There are certain differences between washing hands with water & … Read more