Which Bike is Best in Royal Enfield?

Which Bike is Best in Royal Enfield

Indian Army Conquers Karakoram Pass at 18700 Ft on Royal Enfield Bike Himalayan; situated at a height of 18700 Ft, Karakoram Pass on the Indo-China border bears very strategic importance for the Indian Army. The pass is situated 20 km north of the Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) Airport, which is the world’s highest military airport … Read more

What Does Branding Mean In Digital Marketing?

create brand image through branding activities and maintaining and reinforcing brand image through marketing activities

Brand Management or Branding is a very strategic process and a crucial function of Marketing for any company. This process ensures positioning their Brand name such that it is either in the Consideration Set or the Choice Set of the probable buyers of their products with a distinct bias in the Brand’s favor. For eg., … Read more

Value; its Classification, Hierarchy, and Transaction

Value can be classified based on features or functional benefits or emotional associations.

The ‘VALUE’ determines a very important role in every transaction between buyers and sellers. Transactions are sustainable wherein the mutual exchange of value is higher as compared to the underlying costs/expenses. What is Value? As a customer, you would wish to maximize the Perceived Value while you spend your money and make a purchase. You … Read more

How e-Commerce has Changed the Marketing of Goods?

E-commerce has integrated market intelligence, buying convenience and economies of scales

e-commerce has changed the marketing of goods by bringing a transformation in the customer-manufacturer relationship. The term e-commerce was coined and first employed by Dr. Robert Jacobson, Principal Consultant to the California State Assembly’s Utilities & Commerce Committee, in the title and text of California’s Electronic Commerce Act, carried by the late Committee Chairwoman Gwen Moore … Read more

3 Factors Changing the Face of Today’s Marketing Communications

Technology, Global Competition and Changing Lifestyle are impacting marketing communications

Marketing communications are the messages and media that marketers use to communicate with the target markets. For example, marketing communications may include traditional advertising, Online advertising, social marketing, Webinars, Forum messages, etc… Depending upon the event and the strategy, different messages are created and communicated to the market to have a pre-determined impact. However, please consider … Read more

What is Lifestyle Marketing?

Targeting and positioning of products and services based on lifestyle of customers

Lifestyle Marketing comprises two terms Lifestyle and Marketing. When you look at both words separately, consider their individual meanings, and then club them together, you can easily demystify the term Lifestyle Marketing. Lifestyle The term Lifestyle pertains to the choices, likes & dislikes, aspirations, behaviors, etc. of the target customers in their respective day-to-day lives. You may also … Read more

What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital asset creation and optimization for competitive advantage and strong brand value

To understand what exactly is Digital Marketing we may need to understand the role and various processes in Marketing, and also the interventions and the value added by Technology in each of those marketing practices and processes. In-principally Digital Marketing is the marketing using Digital Technology with an underlying objective of attaining Business Goals. The … Read more

Why are Forum Postings Important for Digital Marketing?

Integrated marketing communications in forum, online communities and social media for customer relationship and online reputation management

While discussing the importance of Forum Postings in Digital Marketing, it would be very important to have a certain level of understanding of Digital Marketing, Forums, and Social Media Platforms. Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is the management of the company’s Digital Assets and communications with the users and communities. The company’s website, its Blogs, e-mail … Read more

How Digital Asset Management Powers Digital Transformation?

Digital Assets, two-way marketing communication networks, information exchange, intelligence gathering, customer relationship management

Digital Asset Management is the Strategic Utilization of Digital Resources and Capabilities to obtain Competitive-Advantage in the Market. Superior Digital Assets enable the company to manage the market forces (Porter’s Five Forces) in its favor and earn super-natural profits. Any business runs on Assets, whether Intellectual Assets like Patents, technical know-how, skills, etc.; Physical Assets … Read more

Online Marketing Business, What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing agency to create, develop, optimize and manage digital assets

Online Marketing Business refers to the strategic use of Digital Resources and capabilities to obtain a competitive advantage in the market and achieve marketing objectives in support of overall business goals. An external agency that has expertise in online business promotions, marketing planning, and execution is known as Digital Marketing Agency. Traditionally, companies utilize resources … Read more

Digital Marketing, Transforming Customer Insight into Customer Delight!

Customer insights and collaborated participation by functional departments and supply chain members result in customer delight

Marketing …..As per the American Marketing Association (AMA), marketing can be defined as “The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” The above-stated terms like creation, communication, and delivery essentially include customer insights; design innovation & system efficiency; customer communications; … Read more

Internet Marketing, How Marketing Is Getting Digital?

internet marketing brings companies and consumers closer. Market intelligence is available to both users and manufacturers

Internet Marketing employs technology (Mobile/Desktop) to monitor customers’ online interactions (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, e-commerce websites, blogs, online communities/forums, Google search, etc..) and learns their buying behaviors at individual levels (through Big Data Analytics like Google Analytics platform). This learning and analysis capability has helped companies to transform customer insights into customer delight. Identity Vs. … Read more

Urban Customers, Purchasing Process, and Value-Buying!

understanding and helping the customers at each step in their buying process provides competitive advantage to the companies

In this article, you will learn about the typical purchasing process and the underlying value-buying for customers. This will help urban dwellers and modern customers to be smart customers by adopting a standard and scientific framework in future purchasing and be able to handle an ever-growing list of competitive alternatives. As a customer, we purchase … Read more

Hand Sanitization and Hygiene, Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Soap and Sanitizer both have their own benefits and utility. Automatic hand Sanitizers can help maintain hygiene and cleanliness in offices, factories and houses to fight against any pandemic

Germs are everywhere! They can get onto our hands and items we touch during daily activities and can cause sickness. Cleaning hands at key times with water and/or soap, and hand sanitization becomes critical to avoid getting sick and spreading germs/viruses to those around us.  There are certain differences between washing hands with water & … Read more

e-Commerce, B2B or B2C; The Customer is King!

cutthroat competition and distributed innovation has proved that the customer is king

Shopping style, especially in urban areas has changed considerably. Consumers prefer to search and analyze online before making a purchase decision. A permanent shift in retail transactions towards e-commerce has taken place. This transition seems to stabilize in the future which is evident from the historical data and future projections from experts. e-Commerce Statistics As … Read more