Automatic Water Level Controller, Save Water, Energy, and Money!

Potable water is a very precious and scarce resource on the earth. Only 1% of water available on earth is drinkable. India has 16% of the global population; however, it has just 4% of the world’s fresh water. Certain studies have estimated that in India more than 75 million people do not have an access to safe drinking water.

Hence, it is the duty of each citizen of India to use the water judiciously and save the water whenever and wherever possible. We need to identify all the possible ways where water is getting wasted so that appropriate measures can be taken to eliminate wastage.

Water Scenario in Urban Regions

In urban areas, you can commonly observe independent houses, apartment complexes, schools, office parks, hospitals, etc.. Local municipal bodies supply water to all these buildings/facilities/houses through a network of water pipelines or else they draw groundwater directly from Borewells. To meet the water demand throughout the day, people/facilities store water in their overhead or underground water tanks using a water pump.

You may have noted that a large amount of water is wasted daily due to the overflow of these water tanks. This causes a lot of wastage of both fresh water and electrical energy. Apart from many indirect impacts on the environment, an obvious consequence is that the water which could have been used to satisfy the need of many families flows out of the drain pipes without getting used. This wastage of water constitutes a considerable proportion of total water wastage, so it should be taken critically.

In urban housing societies, where there are hundreds of flats having their dedicated water tanks, a staff of 1-2 persons from the maintenance & operations department manage and control the filling of these tanks.  We can understand that it will be difficult for a smaller staff to efficiently manage hundreds of water tanks such that the pumps can be switched off immediately once the desired water level is achieved inside the tanks.

Similarly, in other societies, independent houses, hospitals, schools, etc.. wherein the owner/owner’s staff operates and maintains the water tank and water pump manually, the pumps continue to work and water regularly overflows for a larger duration.

Automatic Water Level Controller

To optimize pump operations and eliminate the problem of tank overflows, societies, independent house owners, and facility owners can resort to automation and install Automatic Water Level Controllers, to address the above problems efficiently and effectively.

Automatic Water Level Controller is an automatic water management solution for Urban dwellers. An automatic water level controller is a smart system, equipped with ultrasonic sensors, timers, wifi, Smart plug. It helps in the automatic control of the water level in the tank and also controlling (Automatic switch On/Off) & scheduling of pump operations using a smartphone or voice command to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

 Key Features of Automatic Water Level Controller

You can Switch ON-OFF the pump automatically

  • As per the timing of the government water supply
  • When the water reaches low-level for ground-water mode
  • When tank is full
  • If water is not available (dry run protection) & retry after sleep time

You can also Modify all settings using the mobile app

Key Advanced Technologies used

  • Advanced ultrasonic sensor to know exact tank level & view real time water level on mobile app
  • Real-time clock (RTC) to ensure the timer always works, without fail
  • The ability for multiple users to use the mobile app
  • Switch ON-OFF the water pump using a mobile app

Key Considerations before Purchasing Automatic Water Level Controller

  • Automatic Water Level Controller can be used for buildings up to 6 floors. For taller high-rise buildings it is advised to contact the supplier/OEM to check feasibility.
  • All the features of the mobile app work without WiFi internet when you are inside the home (within 20 ft of Smartplug). Homes with WiFi internet can additionally enjoy all the features of the mobile app remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Smart Phone (Android or Apple iOS) is necessarily required for the first-time installation of the device. Once it is installed then it can work automatically without a smartphone.

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